The Old White Swan, York

A very busy day on Saturday meant we found ourselves at about 6 o’clock needing some fuel for the night ahead, and after much debate the Old White Swan was decided upon. We wanted somewhere casual as not everyone we were with was eating, and we didn’t want to spend a bucket-load, and I knew this pub would satisfy those specifications while still being a nice place and perfect for a few starter drinks afterwards.

I’m writing this watching the pouring rain outside so it’s difficult to remember, but it was actually nice weather for once on Saturday so we sat outside in their covered over courtyard. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the variety on the menus at Nicholson’s pubs before, and this time was no exception as I struggled to choose between a few of the dishes, eventually opting for their mixed leaf, brown rice, quinoa and lemon salad with smoked salmon. It really hit the spot with just the right amount of everything, with heirloom tomatoes, little chunks of pepper and a herb oil dressing making for a fresh, light – but not so light it didn’t somehow keep me going ‘til the wee hours – but satisfying salad.

DanMan went for the hearty sounds chicken, chorizo and cider pie, which came with mashed potato, greens and honey roasted carrots. He definitely enjoyed the pie and didn’t leave a scrap, but wasn’t such a fan of the mash as he found it a little too buttery and somewhat claggy. However, I have no sense of control when it comes to mashed potato so I polished it off and found it yummy and deliciously buttery; I take his criticism of it being a little out-of-the-microwave stodgy, however I have a perhaps slightly odd love of overly dense carbs, so I loved it!

I’ve been a fan of the Old White Swan as a pub for a while and have eaten there a few times and never been let down; don’t get me wrong, it’s not the best food you’ll find in York, but there’s something for everyone in a nice environment and prices you really can’t complain about. Great for when you’re looking for something laid back and satisfying, I know we’re bound to be back soon!