Baba Yaga

Promotion image for Common Ground Theatre's baba Yaga

By Common Ground Theatre and Hannah Bruce & Co. 6th October, Piccadilly Car Park York Mediale festival kicked off for the very first time last week and, typically, I missed almost all of it because I was in stupid London. However, I managed to squeeze in a cheeky show at the end of the festival […]

Head’s Up

By Kieran Hurley Thursday 22nd February, York Theatre Royal   There’s always a moment of hesitation for me before going to watch a one man/woman show. Can just one person hold a room for an hour? Can just one person provide enough variety to keep me engaged? And every time I’ve come out of a […]

Joe’s Kitchen York

After a few winter months of peering into the warm and cosy-looking interior of Joe’s Kitchen on Coney Street when out shopping in the rain, my DanMan and I finally made it out for a meal there this Saturday. We hadn’t booked but luckily that wasn’t a problem and we were seated towards the back […]