Etsy Feature: TrashBaggs

So just when I was internally scolding myself for not having put out any Etsy features recently, what should come through the post but these adorable pins and pocket mirrors from up-cycling company TrashBaggs! Turns out DanMan’s mum has also become a bit of an Etsy fiend, and after she’d got some of these for herself she knew we’d love them too.

The idea of the Canadian company is that they recycle (or upcycle) wrappers from sweets and chocolate bars, as well as comic books and vintage books, to make fun and unique bits and bobs such as wallets, bags, purses, jewellery and of course pins and mirrors. They’re all handmade and they even say on their Etsy page that they’ll make your favourite wrapper or comic into an item if you send it to them. They have a huge range of items of all different designs in their shop, with every sweet wrapper you can think of and designs from classic comics, Snoopy and even the dictionary (looks much cooler than it sounds!): and most are around £10, which is pretty reasonable if you ask me.


Ours are obviously Powerpuff Girls themed because both Dan and I were massive Cartoon Network nerds as children (ok, maybe slightly older than children too…ok, fine, also now…and forever more). All the items feel sturdy and look well made, and because they’re made from actual comics they have a lovely muted vintage look which I think works particularly well with the pocket mirrors. The pins have a safety-pin style fastening at the back, which has so far stood up on my fairly thick denim jacket.

These are super cool and cute little items that are something different – enamel pins are great, but why not switch it up? I’m contemplating getting some of their jewellery and their namesake – the Baggs – look fantastic, and although their meant to be used as coin purses, I think they could make great makeup bags. If vintage and unique is your thing (or your friends’, or your mum’s, or your dad’s, or your cat’s), go take a look at their shop here and treat yo’ self while bravely rescuing some poor innocent trash from landfill. You’ll feel like such a good person, and you’ll look friggin’ cute.