Etsy Showcase: Lair of Soveyshina

So in my first Etsy Showcase (here) I mentioned that I’d been converted to the online crafty marketplace by a couple of incredible gifts – well the first of those was this incredible personalised Binding of Isaac themed figure. Yes, that’s right, you may be surprised to discover that these aren’t actually naked pictures of me, they’re naked pictures of tiny crying doll me!

A little background to this; DanMan and I went through a phase of about a year and a half (so more of an almost-permanent lifestyle change than a phase) where we played Edmund McMillen’s ‘The Binding of Isaac’. Every day. For several hours. No joke, we played it whenever we could and we loved it possibly more than we loved each other. So when my birthday came around, he decided to take to Etsy to find me an Isaac themed gift.

There he found Lair of Soveyshina, a Russia-based shop run by Victoria Shakirova, who specialises in handmade ‘geek and hipster dolls’. He asked for a personalised doll, even sending over a picture of me (specifically my hair!) so that she could style the doll in my image! These pictures don’t show perfectly but the hair is spot on, even to the point where the back is tapered in the exact same way mine is.

It’s an adorable miniature doll so it stands about 10cm tall, and although this one is baring all (in the style of Isaac and friends), many of the dolls she makes sport delightful tiny clothing. The arms and legs are sewn into place so there’s no movement, but it’s sturdy, well-made and expertly painted. I’ve had mine for well over a year now and there’s no signs of wear; so chances are, unless I start taking it with me on adventures, it’s going to hold up for a very long time as an ornamental piece.

Lair of Soveyshina make and sell a plethora of amazing miniature characters, from Rick and Morty to the mighty Cthulhu, so there’s something for every geek, dork or hipster in your life! Especially when personalised these make such an awesome gift; I love mine and have given it pride of place on the mantelpiece (by which I mean the TV stand, we obviously don’t have a mantelpiece, we’re not that classy).


Give Victoria’s characterful creations a look here!