Source York

I’m an ex-vegetarian and still favour veggie meals a lot of the time – I think they can often be more creative and interesting than their meaty counterparts as there are no (admittedly delicious) meat flavours to fall back on. DanMan however, although a lover of many a meatless dish, loves to tuck into steaks […]

Cosy Club, York

I’ve been desperate to give Cosy Club a visit ever since it opened a couple of months or so ago; it’s exactly my kind of food, all the cocktails sound amazing and it couldn’t be in a more incredible building. But alas, every time Danman and I plan a meal and I suggest this place, […]

Tom and Bunny Save the World

By Fat Rascal Theatre Friday 28th July, York Theatre Royal   This review is quite overdue, and the main reason for that is because I’m genuinely concerned that I won’t be able to do this production justice with my ‘lil old words. So, here’s the main thing you need to know: this production was the […]

Lime House, York

Last week was mine and DanMan’s five year anniversary, an event I look forward to every year for the sole reason that it means we have an excuse to go to a fancy restaurant and then get drunk on cocktails (although, frankly, I’m thinking more and more that the only excuse you should need to […]

Etsy Feature: TrashBaggs

So just when I was internally scolding myself for not having put out any Etsy features recently, what should come through the post but these adorable pins and pocket mirrors from up-cycling company TrashBaggs! Turns out DanMan’s mum has also become a bit of an Etsy fiend, and after she’d got some of these for […]

Millfield Beefeater, York

I’m always looking for excuses to try out new places to eat/drink/nosey around/generally have a nice time in York, so when the lovely people at Beefeater invited me to come and experience their newly refurbished Millfield restaurant, I was more than happy to pop along. So on Sunday we made our way to Poppleton fully […]